Merry Christmas!!!

There’s a coupon code in the Etsy shop for FREE SHIPPING now through December 18th! December 20th is the last day to get packages out in time for Christmas so make sure to get your shopping done soon! Use code MERRYCHRISTMAS for all Ready-to-Ship items in the Etsy shop – save BIG!


I Could Blow My Whole Holiday Budget Here!!!!

I apologize for gushing but today we’re shopping at the best candle shop on the planet! Forget the tired glass jars and the overpowering scents wafting onto the sidewalks of your local mall. These candles are all about the warmth and glow of pure beeswax and feature the most unique adornments you can imagine! Ink wells, peanut butter jars, massage cream and lime juice… holy water, honey and poison -every candle unique and beautiful!

Beeswax Candle Collection - Lucky Number 13Beeswax Candle Collection - Romeo & Juliet - Poison -and- Holy Water Lg.

These photos are of the collection that I got in the mail today but taken from the PollenArts facebook and Etsy pages because obviously their photos are far better than mine! I will show you a shot of the packaging though so you can see how much fun it is just opening your packages! It was like Christmas morning!!! First you get to open the box and you already know who it’s from by the love stamped on the outside! Then you get to unwrap each little gift that’s inside!

I’m still giddy!! 


In this one shop I guarantee you will find something for everyone on your list from the candle lover to the environmentalist (did I mention that these burn CLEANLY!?) and even that guy with the dark sense of humor!

Check out these Wax Facts from their Etsy shop:

*Beeswax has been used since the beginning of civilization. It has been found in the pharoah’s tombs, amongst sunken Viking shipwrecks and Roman ruins.

*Beeswax candles are naturally scented by the honey and nectar of flowers.

*Beeswax candles naturally emit negative ions , cleaning the air and invigorating the body.

*Beeswax is by far the healthiest wax and burns cleaner and longer than paraffin or soy (99% of conventional candles are paraffin).

*Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum and burning paraffin candles emits toxins and carcinogens in your sweet home air.

*Although soy is a healthy alternative to paraffin, the truth is that soy has a very dirty carbon footprint. Soy is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with chemical pesticides. It’s one of the main causes of deforestation in the amazon, wiping out millions of acres of rain forest and is almost always genetically modified. The more of this we buy, the more our planet will be punished in the production. If our Mother Nature had a vote, she’d most definitely choose the wax of our buzzing bee girls : )

*Beeswax is a natural and renewable resource and definitely the best wax for candle making!!!

Browse their Etsy shop to see the most unique collection of candles you will ever see and then check out Peter & Juwels on facebook (you’ll have to send a friend request!) to get to know the amazing couple behind these amazing candles ~ and their pet goats!! I promise you’ll enjoy every minute!

Lots of Running Around Tonight Before I Get to Work!

I’ve been ignoring my shopping as of late so I’ve got a lot of stops to make today on my way home from work! It’s going to be a busy weekend of sewing getting ready for a few very big events coming up but I’d love to have you with me on this power shopping trip! When you find a shop you love, feel free to stay and shop to your heart’s content. We’ll meet up again down the road!

Sheldonville Soap Works is one of my favorite soap makers! Not only is Alex super sweet and a joy to talk with, she makes the most wonderfully fragrant soaps that feel great on the skin! I just unwrapped a bar of Orange Patchouli and it’s divine! I can’t wait to get to the others in my hoard! Take your time, browse around breathe in all of the wonderful and unique scents offered at Sheldonville Soapworks. You’re sure to find something you just have to have and you won’t be disappointed!              


Heart & Arrow Designs I can’t tell you about Whitney and Heart & Arrow Designs any better than she does it. Head on over to her Etsy shop and check out her “About” section for a bit of inspiration from her story and then check out her designs for all the holiday and design inspiration you could want!  If you’re in the market for business logos and branding or if you want beautiful, personalized Christmas cards, this is the place to be!


Cloud Nine Designz  If you are looking for unique jewelry items and stocking stuffers they will love, you need to pop in and say hi to Mandee at Cloud Nine Designz! Her jingle bell earrings are practically irresistible! And I have it on good authority that there will be a great sale on Cyber Monday so definitely bookmark her page!!!


Jennifer at Squishy Cheeks Designs sells adorable handmade, one of a kind items for baby and toddler with some extras for mommies as well. If I could pull off one of her brimmed hats, I’d order one myself! :0) Most of the items she makes are custom made with specific sizes and colors, so they are all unique.    


Cloud Nine Designz

Heart & Arrow

Sheldonville Soapworks

Squishy Cheek Designs


Who Doesn’t Love Pickles!?

“Home grown pickles and handmade crafts made by a part-time domestic diva with an affinity for the pinup look.”

This is the first line Rachel uses to describe her business on her Facebook page and it couldn’t be better written! There is more to Pin Up Pickles & Crafts than just pickles, though and you really should stop by and browse her selection. Whether you’re in the market for dill pickles or “Dilly Beans” or even a retro apron, you’ll definitely find something in her shop for yourself and all those on your gift list!


Why not bring pickles for a unique hostess gift? Or give that foodie on your list a retro apron with a jar or two of pickles? Kids? Men? Women? Check out her upcycled bags and accessories!

Pin Up Pickles & Crafts is the perfect one-stop-shop!

A Glance Inside of Little Yellow Leaf

Let’s peek in the windows and see what’s going on at Little Yellow Leaf. It’s not quite time to shop; Megan is still hard at work creating her beautiful holiday cards but I’m anxious to see the finished product! We’ll just stop for a minute and see how they’re coming along and if we can catch a glimpse of what’s coming up!


In this digital age, the art of beautiful stationery seems to be fading away. Gone are the days of customized note cards and the thrill of receiving a handwritten letter from a friend. When you see Megan’s work, you’ll wonder how our society could ever let this tradition go!  You might already be in the market for beautiful, handmade, custom invitations or stationery though, so step inside and browse her beautiful selection if you are! I’m sure she’d be thrilled to take some time to help you create the perfect wedding stationery or party invitations! If you hadn’t thought about paper correspondence in too many years, spend some time browsing Little Yellow Leaf and you too might wonder why you ever gave it up!

While out shopping today….

While out and about on our Christmas Shopping Trip today, I ran into a group of friends (on Facebook) and was inspired by the idea of craft swapping! I figured since we’re all out doing our holiday shopping with our commitment to handmade in mind, why not create a place where we can all go to see each other’s handmade wares? Something like a marketplace where sellers provide products to meet the needs of shoppers; and shoppers purchase that item by filling the seller’s need with a product of their own. Good old-fashioned trade! The kind without embargoes and government insanity of course!  The baker needs eggs, and the farmer needs bread!

Let’s create a place for us all to post products we have available to swap for the holidays; products we may be in the market for and a place we can connect and help each other with gift ideas we may be struggling with. We all have that one person who is impossible to buy for!

Please consider joining us if you’re interested in swapping HANDMADE goods. This will not be a place to randomly promote your business or any of the other myriad of things we do online. No sales, no specials, no giveaways or contests. Just items we have available for trade. Photos will be posted of items crafters have available to swap including their value and what the poster would like to trade for if they’re in search of something in particular. It’ll be a fun way to get out products out to others while finding the (hopefully) perfect handmade gift for those on our shopping list! This is not an auction site or anything for shoppers. It is for crafters only and is a closed group so you will need to be given access. If you’re interested, please send your email address to me at with Crafter Swap in the subject line as well as links to your shop(s) and facebook page . You can also go on facebook and request an add to the group JennaBee Holiday Crafter Swap.

Hope to see you there!

Next Stop – Cat Butts!!!

Yes, you read that right!! Cat Butts! And Pug Butts, too! I have to run into Knot by Gran’ma because she makes the absolute cutest key chains that are perfect for the crazy cat lady! I’m sure we all know someone we can buy for here! Don’t have a cat lover on your holiday list? How about a Pug owner?? I’ve always wanted a Pug! Sigh… someday…. But I digress!


Have you ever seen anything so cute!!?? Have a few gifts with a spending limit? You can get this much cuteness and a great reaction from the recipient for just $12.50!!! I promise – whoever you buy one of these for will never forget it and be so glad you didn’t opt for the $10 candle or coffee shop gift card!

There are a few people on my list who I need to buy from in here – and there is so much more than just key chains so you should definitely come with me, especially for the little ones on your list. You’ll be amazed at what Jess creates with a crochet hook and  yarn! And leave your expectations at the door! These crochet masterpieces are definitely Knot by Gran’ma! 

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